While Israel is well known for its robust venture capital and high tech culture, the Nili team identified an underserved private equity market with a plethora of opportunities to transact with innovative low tech companies, especially in the lower end of the middle market. These businesses while successful domestically, are not taking advantage of the strong growth opportunities in the US and Europe. In addition, these companies often have innovative solutions and/or technology that Nili believes could be significantly accretive to a global platform.

Nili was formed as a cross-border fund to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Nili intends to provide the necessary capital, network and know-how to acquire US and European add-ons, with the goal of transforming local innovative companies into larger international companies.

Nili's strategy is to invest in 8 to 10 platform companies and to pursue an aggressive buy and build strategy with an average of two to three add-ons per portfolio company.